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    Although I am comfortable coaching all roles and all champions, I prefer to focus on the support role first, with ADC as my secondary role. I am also willing to coach duos-
    There shouldn't be any one playstyle that is ‘passive’ or ‘aggressive’. I will make you a player who takes advantage of your opponent’s mistakes which will be aggressive and teach you when to respect your opponent’s ability to make a play, which you will adapt to be passive. Each situation requires you to recognize it and adapt to it.
    Things that we can do in our live coaching session are the following
    1. Reviewing your replays to find mistakes
    2. Showing replays of my high elo games to see what good players do
    3. 1v1 custom games to better understand matchup
    4. Help for identifying your mistakes and problems, as well as discussion about the actions that high elo players do to play well
    5. Help with mastering specific champions or roles


    Adc, Support

    Hello I'm PNC ! I've been coaching for 2 years and playing league since season 1.I played high competitive for 2 years in Challenger Series .I mostly play support/jungle but I can manage any role with no problem.If you are looking for someone to help you to climb ELO or learn more about this game , hey I'am your men