Why should I choose you?

We spent a lot of time on making sure we have the best EloBoosting system available. All of our boosters are minimum Diamond 1/Master tier so that they can achieve all requests with the best results. We also have very strict rules about the behavior of our boosters in the game so they won't show any negative behaviors.

How can I be sure my account won't be stolen?

We worked a lot on this project so that it could be a professional and secure ambient for our customers. Stealing an account wouldn't be worth for us in any way and the bad reputation would ruin our project, basically, we prefer happy and satisfied clients so that one day they may come back or recommend us to other players. But still, we can't steal your account since you can always recover it with your verified e-mail.

Does the booster have access to my IPs/RPs?

No, they will never use your IPs nor RPs without your consent.

What payment methods do I have?

Mainly Paypal.

What would happen if the booster of my account gets reported and banned?

Our boosters passed a selection period, none of them have a negative behavior so we make sure they won't get banned.

How do our ELO boosting service works?

After you select your desired service, pay for it, an ELO booster receives the job, he then will work on your account till he gets the job done and you're satisfied.

For how long will you use my account?

There are a lot of variants here (like the server status), but our players are recognized to be the fastest boosters on the market. At least one division per day in an average.

Will booster change my Runes or Masteries?

Yes, the booster can do that if it would seem profitable to him in order to provide the best performance during ELO boosting.

Can I spectate my booster's games?

Yes, you can spectate by adding your account to a secondary account.

Can I DuoQ with my Booster?

Yes, you can, you just have to choose the DuoQ option from the service list we offer.

How does the coaching look like?

Coaching begins with a conversation, with the trainer. During that conversation, you decide what you want to do with the trainer. It can be a game together or analyzing a replay. What you will do depends on the trainer and the amount of time you buy.